The Isolated Relationship


Rediscovering Trust

When a person has been the victim of a controlling partner, they have a difficult time after the relationship is over. They are hurt and...


Exerting Control While Separated

There are many ways couples exert control on each other, but many of them are positive. A spouse who is in charge of buying food...


A Lifetime of Emotional Control

When two people are in a long term relationship where one isolates the other, it can have devastating effects. The controller will often set up...


Controlling a Partner

Many people believe it takes a mastermind to completely control their partner, but this is not really necessary. An ability to learn their partner's fears...


Learning to Socialize with Confidence

When a person has been in any bad relationship, they need time to recover and get back on their emotional feet. Those who were with...


Attempting to Socialize

When a person has left a controlling partner, they must work to repair the damaged relationships with friends and family. It can take a great...


Breaking Free

A person who has long been isolated socially by a spouse may fall into a severe depression without knowing it, but there are times when...


Stay Away from a Controller

Few single people are willing to enter a relationship with a controlling partner, and many wonder how it happens. Those who do end up in...

People struggle in the modern world to spend precious minutes with each other. It is nearly unimaginable for some people to believe anyone would have a partner with enough time or energy to control their every move, but it does happen. Isolating a partner within a relationship is a way to control their thoughts and feelings. It is generally initiated accidentally, and a good partner will help alleviate the loneliness. A partner that finds they enjoy control tends to work harder at keeping their partner isolated.

When someone is in an isolating relationship, friends and family do not always know how to help them. This is a difficult situation because the controlling partner will claim these people are only trying to ruin their relationship. The isolated person does not know who to trust, and they generally turn to their partner for support. This type of relationship often breaks up once the controlling partner gets bored with their dominance games or finds a new partner to control.