A Lifetime of Emotional Control

When two people are in a long term relationship where one isolates the other, it can have devastating effects. The controller will often set up many different ways to keep their partner on edge, and it can result in a lifetime of emotional control. It takes a person who is able to find their own strength to break free from this type of person, and they will have to exercise their own control over their emotions if they wish to remain free. Moving on from this type of relationship is not always easy, and they must be aware that their former partner will do whatever is necessary to keep the reins tight.

Getting a divorce is a good step in breaking away from this type of person, but it does not always sever all the ties. People who have been married tend to have many financial obligations that bind them together, and each one must be given the proper attention to ensure it is cut off. A person can go through years believing they have left their former partner behind only to find there is still at least a thread keeping them connected, and the shock of this discovery can throw their world into chaos.

Cutting ties completely is the best way to get past the relationship, but it can be difficult for the person trying to escape. They might find their former partner is working hard to connect with their friends and family members, so they need to make it clear their life is off-limits to that person. They should live their life openly, but they should take the time to exercise their privacy options on social media accounts and other online outlets.

Leaving a person who has been very controlling within a relationship is not easy because they want to remain in control, so pursuing all legal and financial options to cut the ties is important. Taking care to maintain emotional control can be another avenue to pursue, and even placing limits when it comes to information online can be a good course.