Rediscovering Trust

When a person has been the victim of a controlling partner, they have a difficult time after the relationship is over. They are hurt and angry about how they were treated, and they often feel friends and family have betrayed them. Many believe those closest to them should have done more to help get them away from the controlling partner. They no longer feel they can trust their close relatives and former friends. Getting into another relationship is difficult, and they begin to believe they cannot trust anyone.

Trusting people is part of being in a relationship, and a person unable to trust must relearn in small steps. Finding someone to talk to about the circumstances and learning to move on are necessary steps for this person. If they are not ready for a real relationship, an independent escort can be there to help them. They can provide companionship and a way back to normality. Escorts generally work for an escort agency, but an independent works for themselves.

Learning to build trust in judgment is a large step for a person in any type of abusive relationship. Being isolated and controlled takes away all sense of a person's judgment about others as well as their own feelings. Being with one supportive person, without the pressure of a relationship, is a good way to learn how to trust their own judgment. It also gives them the confidence to try another relationship.

Controlling partners leave a person damaged, but it does not need to be permanent. There are ways to get past these issues and move on in life. Finding one person to help relearn judgment and rediscover the ability to trust can change a person's life for the better. They do not need or deserve to be isolated forever because of one relationship that went bad.